Its the 6th/july/11

06 Jul

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I know i stated i wouldnt put the pics up of my kids at bolton farm but so what, if my ex can on facebook then i can what a sleep i had yesterday, coz i went to lie down next to my lil girl and woke up 11 n half hours later n still went sleep this morning for a few more hours, must either be coz i forgot to take a citrolapram or im getting OLD lol. Caitlin went out with one of the other ex`s to go feed the ducks, bloody ducks eating my 1-50 warburtons toastie lol,

Caitlin`s logo lol

Stefan Savic Joins city

My rant today is the disgusting news of the world newspaper about this phone hacking, its absolutely disgusting that they have hacked victims of crime phones, celebrities u can understand but even they deserve some privacy, heads have to roll at that newspaper, infact i will NEVER buy it again ever. Manchester city complete a new signing of Stefan Savic another defender.


Also good luck to NASA space shuttle atlantis on her last flight and her crew, its the end of an era for the space shuttle program of which i have followed closely since the first back on my 13th birthday in 1981. Let`s hope all goes well on friday for Atlantis.

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One response to “Its the 6th/july/11

  1. t0ester

    July 13, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    they make me sleep, keep me awake when i dont take em, weird eh lol


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